Are we really expected to sign these Medicare Local contracts? (video)

At least our revised after hours contract from the ML was only 16 pages (if I recall correctly)

Doctor's bag

Our after hours contract with the state government was easy to understand and five pages long. It said when we had to be open and how much funding we would receive, and it worked fine.

Now Medicare Locals have taken over the funding. We are still providing the same service but the contract has grown to 37 pages! Our management team had to engage a lawyer to make sense of it.

Let’s have a close look at (yet) another contract Medicare Locals have recently sent to GP practices. This is the one for practice incentive payments. These so-called PIP payments will be paid by Medicare Locals if practices meet certain targets, e.g. providing an x-amount of after hours care, using electronic health records, or providing asthma & diabetes services.

Four examples

I have picked four clauses from the contract, but there’s plenty more. Here we go:

It is a requirement that…

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