Anti-vaccine chiropractors 5


Billy DeMoss is like a chelation compound. Stuff binds to him and gets excreted. It’s almost like provoking a urine test. You just need to administer the compound, wait and see, and eventually you’ll get a positive result. As much as they attempt to hide their anti-vaccinationism, anti-vaccinationists can’t hide their beliefs very well. Eventually they are compelled to out themselves in public. It’s like holding in a pee. It gets painful. So, thanks Billy, brosome.

Today DeMoss made this screed on his Facebook wall:

Demoss 26 vaccine seminar rantHere is the text, just so you can gauge the full extent of DeMoss’ rant:

…we had 74 registered for our Vaccine Workshop tonight and we thought maybe 50 would show but my God we were wrong…all of them showed PLUS more…packed house to here the truth about how dangerous vaccines really are…once people hear the truth and reality of where TRUE HEALTH…

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