Chiropractors’ Association of Australia provided anti-vaccine professional training by Meryl Dorey


At this very moment the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia is conducting its annual event, the National Development Forum. I addressed a pretty significant part of the NDF in this post:  Anti-vaccinationist is lead speaker at CAA’s National Development Forum.

Indeed, so significant is the fact that the top of the bill is an anti-vaccinationist, that the CAA issued a media release to allay any fears that the lead speaker may have no credibility. Hell, he’s only anti-vaccine, right? He isn’t going to talk about vaccines (now). So, what’s the big deal? It’s not like this health thing, and the accuracy thing, is high on anyone’s radar, right? Here’s the media release:

Dr Stephen Franson’s Session on Exercise and Movement

National President of the CAA, Dr Laurie Tassell provides the following statement on Dr Stephen Franson:

“Dr Stephen Franson’s session at the 2013 NDF concerns exercise and movement, for which…

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