The Medicare induction program for new employees is not always running smoothly

Doctor's bag


“Look at this one: in 60% of the cases he co-claims a care plan and an attendance MBS item number!”

“Dodgy! How many careplans does he do?”

“About three a year. But still, he co-claims more than 50%! Tanya told us to get rid of these double-dippers.”

“Three care plans a year… That doesn’t seem like a lot. Shouldn’t we leave him alone?”

“Rules are here for a reason. These GPs earn enough as it is. Tanya said they receive $300,000 a year from Medicare.”

“I remember that… But didn’t the doctors say that this is not just personal income? I thought they use it to pay receptionist, nurses, and rent?”

“Maybe Tanya was wrong, but it’s still a lot of money. We can’t have them double dipping, that’s just not on. Look, here’s a GP who claims a lot of long consultations – over 50% of her total billings!”

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