Chiropractors’ Association and Spinal Research Foundation promoted anti-vaccine movie


There is something I have been putting off for quite some time. Then a friend made this something possible by providing me with a link so I could watch the 100 minute chiropractic advertisement, Doctored the Movie. This so-called friend will be receiving an invoice in the mail for my upcoming, week-long Maxolon infusion.

I’m not going to offer an in-depth review of the advertisement. Broadly though, it is an anti-medicine, testimonial driven Strawman, accusing the medical profession of ignoring the basics of health in favour of medicating at all cost. It makes some standard points: eat well; exercise; don’t medicate for conditions for which you shouldn’t; beware of over-medicating. It’s pure genius. Who else could have thought of these things apart from chiropractors? The advertisement runs on emotion. It is chock full of dubious diagnoses; even more dubious treatments; personalised interviews with chiropractors and their miraculously healed customers…

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