Breaking: Anti-vaccination liars lying about Dr Paul Offit. Also, night follows day.


Anti-vaccination liar Meryl Dorey and her special band of harpies at the Australian Vaccination Network can’t help themselves. Like maggots on carrion, or white people on a Christmas turkey, they caw over the carcass of any mention of public health hero, Dr Paul Offit. They are envy vultures. They wait for something to be lied to death, then they swoop down and lie some more, just to be sure the flesh is rotten with lies. Then they have a lie-feast.

Here are the facts about what Dr Offit has written  about infants and the administration of thousands of vaccines at once.

Dr Offit has stated, on page 174 of his 2011 book Deadly Choices, that due to the bacterial bombardment to which babies are subject every day, theoretically, based on modelling, babies could tolerate 100,000 vaccines worth of antigens, such has the antigenic load in vaccines decreased over…

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