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The time we waste calling the PBS Authority Line and others

Ours is a small Practice – at most 2.5 FTE GP and no Allied Health support. It is therefore staggering to calculate the hours that we spend on the phone to various organisations (and these are only the figures from … Continue reading

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The Congress of the Chiropractor – Dynamic Growth 2014

Originally posted on reasonablehank:
Whenever I am reminded of the annual chiropractic event, the Dynamic Growth Congress (DGC), run by the Australian Spinal Research Foundation (ASRF), I think of the Kama Sutra: deep in your heart of hearts you have…

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A bit of light hearted entertainment Thank you “Reasonable Hank” for pointing us towards this link – thsi would be a worthwhile sketch on Saturday Night Live or the Monty Python show. Sadly though this bloke is a real Chiropractor … Continue reading

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Meryl Dorey and her anti-vaccine organisation: abusing Facebook’s reporting mechanism with spite

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The soon to be ex-Australian Vaccination Network has an extended history of hypocrisy. The duplicitous anti-vaccination organisation heralds itself as a champion of the oppressed; a defender of “health freedom”; a campaigner against the suppression of…

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