Meryl Dorey and her anti-vaccine organisation: abusing Facebook’s reporting mechanism with spite


The soon to be ex-Australian Vaccination Network has an extended history of hypocrisy. The duplicitous anti-vaccination organisation heralds itself as a champion of the oppressed; a defender of “health freedom”; a campaigner against the suppression of free speech. Calls to arms and ACTION ALERTS along these very lines have been lucrative. They are like trigger words for the hypnotised marks of the organisation. Help us help you…Your freedom isn’t free…If you don’t stand up and donate you will be the arbiter of your own suppression…Fight government blackshirts…They are conspiring to take away your freedom…the SAVN terrorists are coming…Donate now…

From September 2012, Dorey doing god’s work, or something. Not that she’s anything like Jesus. This example is by no means rare:

AVN 6705 Dorey September 2012 strike a blow for freedom of speech by donatingAnd, another common clarion call, supporting her regular pleas for other people’s money:

Censorship is NEVER acceptable! Meryl Dorey April 2012

AVN 4869 Dorey tweet censorship is never acceptableDorey even went so far in…

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