The Congress of the Chiropractor – Dynamic Growth 2014


Whenever I am reminded of the annual chiropractic event, the Dynamic Growth Congress (DGC), run by the Australian Spinal Research Foundation (ASRF), I think of the Kama Sutra: deep in your heart of hearts you have this ominous feeling that, eventually, someone is gonna get screwed.

The Australian Spinal Research Foundation is a closely related ally of the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia (CAA). It is an organisation wherein the magical concept of the chiropractic subluxation reigns supreme. It is an organisation with serious financial questions hanging over its head regarding its stated (charitable) goal of research, as opposed to the reality of its poor research output. It is also an organisation which has a long and tainted history of association with barking mad anti-vaccinationism. Well, maybe that history is not so historical.

The ASRF has hosted anti-vaccinationist Meryl Dorey to present talks, and to act as…

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