FOAM4GP Map – The devil is in the Vitamin D tales!

Interesting thoughts on Vit D and in the comments on Calcium replacement


Clinical Case

Screen Shot 2013-12-05 at 3.47.05 PM

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Two days ago I called an elderly lady Mrs KS into my room. She had purple shoes. “Hi doc, I wanted to ask about my Vitamin D levels.” “Ok Mrs KS, what do you want to know?” She went on to describe her skin problems, headaches, muscle aches, dry eyes, abdominal pains, and a “strange pain that runs around my side and then up to my head”. Apparently she had been looking up vitamin D in a new book she bought online on a friends advice and was adamant that every one of these symptoms could be explained by her being vitamin D deficient.

So Vitamin D deficiency has been reported as a massive epidemic problem. It has the been reputed to be the cause of…

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