The receptionist will call the wheelchair taxi for you now

Doctor's bag

Double dipping Image:

“Doctor can I talk to you about something else?”


“…what do you mean?”

“It’s not allowed. We have just finished your care plan. The government does not want me to see you for something else on the same day. They call it double dipping. Please come back tomorrow. The receptionist will call the wheelchair taxi for you now.”

Further reading: Budget 2013-14: Medicare Benefits Scheme – removing double billing

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One Response to The receptionist will call the wheelchair taxi for you now

  1. Thinus says:

    It never ceases to amaze me how selective the System is when they enforce the rules. Here we have a situation where a perfectly valid activity is banned as double dipping yet in other places blatant breaches of the legislation is ignored.
    A few examples:
    1. Surgical Colleagues employing another Doctor, sometimes a GP, sometimes a newly qualified surgeon, to see and access all referrals to them at their private rooms – patient is seen by a GP or not the specific Surgeon yet billed as if they saw the surgeon they were referred to (had one of those today)
    2. Patients instructed to get letters addressed to specific Specialists at public hospital clinics – sometimes they end up only seeing a Registrar yet Medicare is illegally billed.
    3. In our city the majority of public joint replacements are now done in a private hospital. The indications are that the procedure is then billed against Medicare and the State Health Department then tops up the fee to make it worthwhile for the surgeons (hard to be sure given the shroud of secrecy) (who probably get a public salary anyway and should have been been doing the procedures at the public hospital)
    4. It even happens at GP level – the biggest chain of GP clinics in our City clearly states on their website that they will bulk bill if a person pays them an annual fee to join their “club”. If not a full normal private fee applies. Totally illegal yet Medicare looks the other way. I even saw a sign, in a mall outside of a Chemist, for a GP clinic that offers “bulk billed if only seeing the Practice Nurse” and private fees when seeing the GP – again totally illegal

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