How political leaders gamble with your health – 3 ways you can change this

Well worth for Doctors and patients to follow through on this

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How political leaders gamble with your health - 3 ways you can change thisIt is going to hurt. Taking $3.5 billion out of general practice will be harmful to the health of Australians. Many organisations, including the AMA, RACGP and the Consumers Health Platform, are strongly opposing the revised co-payment plan. They are demanding that the government reverses its decision. There are 3 things you can do to stop the catastrophic plan going ahead.

The government must reverse its co-payment plan, the 4-year Medicare rebate freeze and the changes to the duration of a standard consultation. There are other, better ways to save health dollars.

#1: Support the campaign 

The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners has launched the You & your GP have been targeted campaign.

Health consumers and doctors should all support the campaign!

Here’s what you need to do:

Download the RACGP patient letter or GP letter and send it to:

a) Your local MP (click here to find the address), and/or:

b) Prime Minister Tony Abbott:

The Hon. Tony Abbott…

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