PCEHR update

A concise recent review of the current situation was recently published – worth a read as it highlights the issues very nicely

Note that no document sent to our desktop EHR (Medical Director) from The Canberra Hospital can be viewed.

This is due to issues with encryption and has been going on for an unknown period – probably years. The IT boffins at NEHTA, TCH and MD were not aware of this until I pointed it out to them. Now that they know about it no-one seems to have any plans on doing anything about it.

Luckily it does not seem to matter since no GP uses the system.

I must admit to using the system for an odd reason – if a patient has a PCEHR I can see many/all of their Medicare/DVA/PBS activities for the last two years. This includes item numbers and names of service providers.  At times I have patients who have seen me years ago and I need to decide on closing their files. The PCEHR helps me with this as I can see if they have seen a GP elsewhere, in fact even who that GP was, the item code and the date. Has the patient given consent for this? – probably yes. Are they aware that they gave consent for any doctor with access to the PCEHR to look at this information?> – most likely not.

Anyway – I have yet to see anything clinically useful in a PCEHR record

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2 Responses to PCEHR update

  1. …and now ASIO want access to clinical records as a default. Even more reason NOT to use the PCEHR. It really is a white elephant…

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