Rebooting the PCEHR: Opt-out and a new name are not enough

The devil is in the details. The Cynic in me believes that they will leave the system as broken as it currently is and only add a complex “op-out” process which will make it even more of a medicolegal risk for Doctors with no net improved healthcare outcome. The only winners are politicians and bureaucrats – they gain votes (maybe) and lots of our personal data (definitely)

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Rebooting the PCEHR

Health Minister Sussan Ley hasannouncedthat “the Abbott Government will deliver a rebooted personalised myHealth Record system for patients and doctors that will trial an opt-out, rather than opt-in, option as part of a $485 million budget rescue package (…).”

I like the word ‘rebooted’, as it implies a fresh start and that is certainly what the Australian e-health records system needs. ‘MyHealth record’ sounds better than PCEHR too. But many questions remain, including the most important one: will clinicians use the renamed system once it’s opt-out instead of opt-in?

The legal stuff

At the moment the information in the PCEHR may be used by the Government for data mining, law enforcement purposes and ‘other purposes authorised by law’, for up to 130 years, even after a patient or providerhas opted out.

Whenhealth care organisations or practices cancel the PCEHR participation agreement, seven of the fourteen clauses…

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