The e-health challenge: An interview with NEHTA Chair Dr Steve Hambleton

If this is truly the patient’s record the Government should run a huge publicity campaign highlighting that: 1. They will be keeping and using all the data for research and data-mining for 130 years regardless of whether the patient or participating doctor has withdrawn consent 2. Highlight the ability of patients to restrict who has access to their records and educate them how they can do it – the current system is well hidden and no patient that I have spoken to appears to be aware of the fact that any doctor that they have ever given their Medicare details to could have access to all of their records

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The e-health challenge

In the 2015Budget the Federal Government has allocated significant fundingto improve the electronic health record system for all Australians. The personally controlled e-health record gives patients a lot of control, but many healthcare providers are still concerned about the medicolegal risks embedded in the system.

I had the privilege to speak with Dr Steve Hambleton, former AMA president and Chair of the National E-Health Transition Authority (NEHTA), about some of the concerns voiced by doctors and consumers.

It appears there are various sticks and carrots in the pipeline to get more healthcare providerson board, but there is no sign that for example theheavy-handed PCEHR Participation Contract for providers will be changed.

The good news is that Dr Hambletonexpects the current national infrastructure will help other providers and products – different to the PCEHR – toemerge in the near future.

Hereisthe transcript of our conversation:

Dr Steve Hambleton Chairman of the NEHTA-Board Dr Steve…

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