Sergeant Damage

Wow – how on earth did this character ever wear a uniform (and a gun) and how scary is it that he is still out there on the streets as a civillian? He sounds bad and mad – a very dangerous mix that can only end poorly.


Christopher William Savage is a former serving sergeant in the Queensland Police Service. We have been following his exploits since 2012 and he has recently come to prominence once again as the darling of the No Jab No Pay anti-vaccine protest movement, for a speech he gave at the Brisbane protest. It is long past time to publish a collection of the innermost, outside-voice thoughts of former Sergeant Savage. It is my opinion that he poses a risk to public health and safety.

I want to bookend this collection of Savage’s broader sociopolitical treatises with two screenshots. This first image is from August 2012. Savage declares that he wants his guns back, granting us some retrospective succour in the knowledge that, in 2012 at least, Savage was not in possession of firearms:

I want my guns back I said you government arseholes

Savage 3 wants his guns back

The second image comes from a post made…

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