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The National Home Doctor Service – ripping off the tax man or the saviour of the patients’ ?

In 2014 the then ACT Health Minister proudly announced the introduction of a new medical service to the ACT. The media showed her spruiking the arrival of the National Home Doctor Service and how this was going to be a … Continue reading

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The wall of shame

Over the last decade I have submitted an endless stream of complaints about my patients’ care to our local public health system. Each time the response was similar – the junior doctors involved would sometimes be counselled on their management … Continue reading

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Newsflash: doctor sees patients on time

Originally posted on drjustincoleman:
The doctor will see you shortlyPic by BRISBANE: At a suburban clinic yesterday, every single patient during the morning session was called into their appointment on time. Dr Justin Coleman, GP at Inala Indigenous Health,…

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The joys of pay for performance

Originally posted on Doctor's Bag:
Image: “G’day doc. I’m a little embarrassed to bring this up but…” “No worries, you know you can be honest here. Let’s check your blood pressure first. It was a bit high last…

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Back to Europe 

Originally posted on New Life:
About 6 months ago I arrived in New Zealand. Looking forward to a new experience, leaving my comfort zone.? In about 2 weeks I’ll go back. Not back to my comfort zone, not exactly back…

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Bridles and Bits

Australian health system in a few years ?

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E-health: The Saviour of the frail and the elderly – or not?

As both a dedicated Family Physician (aka General Practitioner) and a self-taught computer Nerd I would love to believe that the future would have us use technology to improve the care of our patients and especially those who are disabled, … Continue reading

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5 reasons why the Medicare rebate freeze is bad policy

Originally posted on Doctor's Bag:
When I tweeted about the Medicare freeze last week, someone replied and asked “Care to explain other than meaning you get less money?” I thought it was a really good question as it highlights the…

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