Back to Europe 

Sorry to hear this Andreas – the door for IMGs from everywhere is all but closed now in Australia. Good luck with the move back

New Life

About 6 months ago I arrived in New Zealand. Looking forward to a new experience, leaving my comfort zone.

In about 2 weeks I’ll go back. Not back to my comfort zone, not exactly back to where I came from. It will be a new challenge, a new life again. And it will – unfortunately – not be the place I was looking for, actually.

However, it will be a place where people are open to new ideas, able to discuss things in an adult way, and willing to change the things that are not right. I had to be in New Zealand to understand. I had to experience this ignorant arrogance of “We live in the best country of the world” – being 25 years behind. It’s ok. It’s ok for you, it’s ok for me. But I don’t want to live in the best country of the world…

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