And now TAMS has decided to have a go at us

Recently I reported on the hassles that we have had with ActewAgl when they shut our power down.

Now it appears that TAMS has decided to get in on the act. After all, no better time to kick a man than when he is down.

A few months ago TAMS decided to do a make-over of the public parking area in front of the bottle store next to us. Other that being a major disruption for our patients we did not worry too much about it but when they placed a large concrete block on the side walk, causing a serious traffic hazard for people exiting onto the busy Tillyard Drive, we had to complain. We did this and also advised  that the money would have been better spent on safer access to the bus stops across the road on Tillyard Drive                                                                      01631b764aabeaed0b08f4300f58dc8c9162fc2b67

The concrete block was reluctantly removed but then, out of the blue (??), we were visited by a TAMS official a few weeks later. He was observed sitting around the corner at the back of the Practice observing us and when approached advised us that he was following up complaints about our staff’s parking in the street behind the Practice.

It is certainly no secret that one or two vehicles are parked in the street behind us as we only have two parking spots on-site behind and only seven in front that are reserved for the patients of our four doctors. The only time we had more vehicles parked at the back was last week when our usual parking spots were blocked off by a Generator (see previous post)

Parking in the public area in front of the Grog store next door is not an option as there are 1h or 2h parking limits

The TAMS official stated that the vehicles parked was a traffic hazard:

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After sending an e-mail I was invited to call and discuss the matter – I was instructed in no uncertain terms that it was a done deal – there was no negotiation to be had. “Someone” had complained and we would not be allowed to park in the quiet little street behind us anymore.


They call it “safety” – I wonder why it feels like harassment to me?  At no stage was any vehicle parked closed to an intersection. When I called Mr Paunovic at TAMS he advised me that vehicles were closer than ten metres to an intersection – I supplied him with photos proving that this was not the case (in fact the only vehicle parked as such was HIS when they were “observing” us). He then stated that people had to move into oncoming traffic to pass the vehicles and that would be the reason for prohibiting our staff from parking there. Clearly this is no different to any other suburban street.

I would suspect that the only people booked for parking in this area would be my staff during business hours. After hours, and in the dark, when there may be a real safety issue, no-one will be bothered to check

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