Behind the White Coat


Yesterday at 11AM our EHR died. System wide. Hundreds of physicians and thousands of patients were affected.

What made it so especially infuriating was the fact that I was powerless to change it. I had sixty items on my virtual desktop that still needed addressing but I could do nothing about it. They were untouchable.

If I had known, I would have brought some knitting.

Anger and frustration compounded and multiplied as the promise that it would be fixed in 15 minutes became thirty minutes became hours. We had to reschedule patients because it was not safe: I had no idea what meds they were taking. Allergies? What other medical issues did they have? What kind of lab results did we get on their last check? When was their last check?

I wanted to hurt something.


I had a screw driver handy. I could drive it through the keyboard…

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    Thank you for the reblog!

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