The family doctor – old-fashioned or the key to a healthy future? (Part 2)

Doctor's Bag

The Family Doctor The Family Doctor in 1948. Source: Is the family doctor who provides ongoingcare a thing of the past? Not really.

In part 1 I mentioned the three types of continuity of care: informational, management and relational continuity.Continuity in primary care results inimproved patient health outcomes and satisfaction. Evidence also showsthat primary care, in contrast to specialty care, is associated with a more equitable distribution of health.

Receiving care from one general practitioner is beneficial for avarietyof health outcomes.For example, relational continuity reduces both elective and emergency admissions. In other words,the rate of hospital admissionsdropswhen peoplehave their ownGP.

6 mechanisms that improve our health

Primary care researcherBarbara Starfieldidentified six mechanisms that, alone and in combination, may account for the beneficial impact of primary care on population health:

  1. Primary care increases access to health services for relatively deprived population groups
  2. The quality ofclinical careby primary care…

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