E-health warning: cliff edge ahead

Some good thoughts from Dr Kruys. The vast majority of GPs are employees or contractors and with a lack of clinical or financial gain they have no interest in this. The big losers are Practice Owners

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Danger cliff edge Image: Pixabay.com

When I got back from a family camping trip this month I noticed that, apparently, the government had made important eHealth announcements shortly before Christmas Day. In summary, the news was that the government is going ahead with its plans, despite objections from the RACGP, AMA and others. Hardly surprising, but still disappointing.

Practices will miss out on their IT support payments if they don’t get their doctors to upload patient health summaries to the PCEHR (now called MyHealth Record). These IT support payments were originally introduced to make sure practices have up-to-date computer systems.

The Department must have known that GPs are usually not employed by practices and that most are ‘contractors’. This effectively means that they run their own independent businesses within a practice. Stopping payments to the practice does not directly affect their hip pocket unless they own the practice. So this is bad news for business…

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