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Private Medical Insurance and GPs – an inevitable process?

Australia’s legislation is clear about the role of Private Health Insurance in the General Practice environment – clear in that there should be no such role. The various Private Health Insurers have over the years tried to find ways of … Continue reading

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Our Health Funding – being gamed or are they just incompetent?

Health funding in an acute care setting, especially in a Primary Care setting is always an challenging situation. Bringing small business owners, entrepreneurs, corporates and non-medical stakeholders interests together and then expecting Public Servants to make sense out of all … Continue reading

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Continuity of care is more than just a catchphrase

Originally posted on Doctor's Bag:
The practice I work for recently took over another practice. As is not uncommon in acquisitions, this caused a temporary increase in staff turnover, including GPs. The response from patients was interesting: just about…

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Evidence-based health informatics

Originally posted on The Guide to Health Informatics 3rd Edition:
Have we reached peak e-health yet? Anyone who works in the e-health space lives in two contradictory universes. The first universe is that of our exciting digital health future. This…

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