What Is Real Anymore?

Behind the White Coat

hotel ceiling in Las Vegas, Nevada

“MOM! I want an iPad! Can I have an iPad?” He breathlessly scrambled into his booster seat, still sweaty from his karate class.

“No. I let you use mine now and then, don’t I?” I put down my phone and put the car into gear, reorienting myself to my surroundings as I merged with the traffic.

“I don’t want yours. I want my own!”


“What about a phone? Can I have a phone?”


“Nintendo DS?”


“What about for my birthday? Can I have one for my birthday?”


“Christmas! I can ask Santa.”

“You can ask but mommy will tell Santa now way, no how.” A stop light. My hand reaches for the phone and I stop myself.

“But, Mom! EVERYONE at school has one.”

“No they don’t.”

“Yes they do! You don’t know…”

I caught myself about to argue with him. He’s right. I don’t know…

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