I thought this stuff was supposed to make my life easier?

A recent US article pointed to a link between e-health and physician burnout

Dr Nathan Pinskier, chair of the RACGP Expert Committee on eHealth and Practice Systems, said he didn’t believe the demands of e-health were directly linked to doctor burnout, but agreed some health technology made doctors’ work more complicated.

“A lot of physicians feel like they’re being turned into clinical clerks,” he told Australian Doctor.

I can relate – over the last four months my Practice Manager and I have spent countless hours to get the most basic access to our Practice details at the Department of Human Services – something that will soon be mandated as print communication is phased out.

I ended up sending the following letter to their support – after waiting nearly two months for a reply after the previous message”

“Dear support

The last feedback I had from anyone was when I was told on 29/05/16 that my issues had been forwarded to your technical support team and that someone would be in contact with me in due “coarse”

I am still waiting.
Since then I have had a change in staff and had to get our old OMO (Organisational Medical Officer) removed and a new OMO registered – it has taken us multiple efforts to repeatedly submit the paperwork, literally hours on the phone and we seem to be getting nowhere.

As things stand:
a. Our current OMO (my Practice manager) cannot access any of the Health Record System Organisation functions for our practice (HPI-O) although she can see the tile in her HPOS log in
b. She was told, after another HOUR on the phone that I, as the RO (Responsible Officer), should make her a delegate to access my HPOS issues – which I did but this is useless as it seems to only give her access to my personal tools and not the business.
c. I logged in for the first time since May (given that I have been waiting for your technical team to get back to me) – my password was declined on three different browsers. After stuffing around for two hours I finally manage to get a code resend to reset the password. Calling the recommended number 1800 was no use as they literally had no idea why I was calling them – I was sent from department to department, as was my PM/OMO when she called.
d. I logged in with the new password only to get the IBM lockout screen that I have repeatedly informed you about in the past – this persisted on Chrome and Firefox despite cleaning out Caches and refreshing. I managed to get in with IE after several attempts.
e. Once I got onto HPOS I wanted to look at the HPI-O details that I could previously access. You have removed my access to that tile !
I can now no longer see any details of the organisation for which I am the nominated RO !
f. As before I still have a PIP tile but all I can access is the PIP newsletter – the PIP statements are not accessible and as per my previous phone communications PIP and HPOS refuse to give me, the RO and business owner, this access but instead my employee, the Practice Manager or OMO, is the only person who is allowed to have this access – something we have spent nearly three months on obtaining and we seem to be getting nowhere with.
At the same time PIP is trying to force us to switch to only receiving the reports in HPOS and not in print – useless if neither the RO or the OMO can access them
g. As things stand my HPOS access via PRODA is only giving me details to my HPI-I (personal) functions and tools. It would appear that all the HPI-O (business) tools and functions, that I as the RO need to access, are no longer available.

I cannot believe the sheer incompetence that we are dealing with – it has now been over four months since I first accessed PRODA and your support and ability to fix these issues appear to be non-existing.

What are YOU going to do to fix this matter ? I am not spending more time on this matter nor am I paying a staff member to spend more hours on the phone to a helpline that seems to have no clue whatsoever ! ”

Am I expecting a useful and timely answer ? Not really.

The madness continues


A few hours after posting this I received a call from a very helpful IT tech. Progress was made.

It would seem over the last few months my old Practice Manager, the OMO, was switched to the new Practice Manager and then switched back to the old PM and then switched back to the new PM and finally I was knocked off as the RO and replaced by the PM as the RO.

So the PM who should be the OMO is now the RO and the Owner who should be the RO is now neither – readers really will not understand  this if they have not watched the Old Spice ad.

After a lengthy chat I am now again the RO, the PM is the OMO and neither of us know how to organise for the PIP or other Medicare letters to end up in the HPOS Practice Mailbox of Statement section – to be continued.

Capiche ?

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