Why the proposed Health Care Homes are not about patient-centred care

Good summary that highlights a few issues about Health Care Homes:
a. It is NOT the same as the RACGP’s medical home
b. It is capitation which brings with it all the complexities and risks for patients and doctors while making budgeting easier for the Government
c. It is part of the massive data mining exercise taht the Government is rolling out

Doctor's bag

hch Capitation and hospital avoidance: Is this really the biggest health reform in a generation? Many of my patients askfor better quality of life, independence or patient-centred care. Patients also want their care teams to be on the same page. The government’s Health Care Home modelseems to be about capitation and to some extent hospital avoidance, and may not address the needs of patients.

Although the model has some elements that may reducepotentially avoidable hospitalisations, it does so half heartedly. Participating GP practiceswill likely have to categorise their patients using a data extraction tool based on the UK’sQAdmissions algorithm and the Hospital Admission Risk Profile (HARP) questionnaire.

Data extraction The government will be extracting patient data from general practice in various ways The patient risk selectiontool, which has not yet been released by the government, will be going through GP patient databases like a big vacuum cleaner to determine disease complexity…

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