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When bulkbilling is NOT bulkbilling

It is an amazing sight to see the ongoing  Free advertising that the Canberra Times provide to a Specific GP group within Canberra. This has been consistent every single time that the National Health Cooperative has a new venture. Meanwhile … Continue reading

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When bicycles & biros are needed. Not Porsches & Parkers

Another concerning story about the deeply flawed NDIS system recently surfaced. Over $ 400, 000 for one individual. And he is worse off. I have posted my views about the NDIS before. It is a deeply flawed scheme. This unfortunate man … Continue reading

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The Tipping Point

Could just as easily have been my waitingroom in Australia. The nature of Primary Care is not restricted by geography or artificial borders.

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Thawing the Medicare freeze – one tiny icecube at a time

May is budget month and as usual health and specifically Medicare featured very strongly. In particular much was made  of the treasurer undertaking to roll back the freezing of Medicare rebates that has been stuck at the same level for … Continue reading

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Pain clinics: how did such a fresh idea turn sour?

Originally posted on drjustincoleman:
EnDONE by Ben Frost A report from the NT coroner this week about an opioid-related death raises a question I started asking after my very first referral to a pain clinic: what is the point of…

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