When bulkbilling is NOT bulkbilling

It is an amazing sight to see the ongoing  Free advertising that the Canberra Times provide to a Specific GP group within Canberra. This has been consistent every single time that the National Health Cooperative has a new venture.

Meanwhile the rest of us, as private businesses need to find and pay for our own advertising and promotion.

To compound matters the Government is once again likely to be giving Free handouts to this organisation. – as they gave 100s of thousand of dollars in unfair competition to the other small GP clinics trying to make a living in the ACT.

The irony is that one cannot be seen and bulkbilled at the Co-op unless you pay them an annual membership fee.

In my opinion this is by definition not bulkbilling and should:

a. Exclude such an entity from any programs promoting bulkbilling

b. Prohibit such an entity from claiming extra funding from Medicare in the form of bulkbilling incentive payments.

Sadly it would seems that Medicare and our local Government only believe in applying the rules when it is politically convenient.

This is yet another nail in the coffins for small businesses such as ours trying to survive in the incredibly expensive working environment that is Canberra

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