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Blood tests at the chemist is like getting your car serviced at the lawn mower shop

Originally posted on Doctor's Bag:
Chemist shops are the right place to get your medicines and receive medication advice, but they are the wrong place to get a blood test. The AMCAL chemist chain is offering customers pathology tests…

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Is being a diligent GP worth it?

I have been a General Practitioner in Canberra for thirteen years. During this time I have developed a reputation for being a tenacious and persistent advocate for the appropriate and respectful management of my patients by other health services and … Continue reading

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All that “GP stuff” in the Emergency Department

Originally posted on Nomadic GP:
“We are just FULL of GP stuff today. We’re pretty much just running a GP clinic” you say, with a big sigh and roll of the eyes. You’re an emergency nurse or maybe a doctor. You’re…

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Using the My Health Record AND staying out of Court

Longtime readers of my Blog would know that I have written & shared others’ writings about the Australian Government’s My Heath Record on many occasions. 2013 – I wrote about the complexity of the issues and why we had configured … Continue reading

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Tamiflu: an expensive lesson in panic stockpiling

Originally posted on drjustincoleman:
Oseltamivir (Tamiflu, Roche) has been downgraded by the World Health Organization (WHO) in the biennial review of its list of essential medicines. A WHO expert committee removed Tamiflu from its list of “core” medicines, relegating it…

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Slow Medicine

Originally posted on Mark Raines:
I recently began working in a new Mackay medical practice started by Dr Nicole Higgins called Health on Central.  And when I say new I mean new. Last time I visited the building it was…

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Is this votebuying or healthcare ?

The ACT Government seems hellbent on using primary healthcare as a vehicle to appease voters. With no regards for evidence or good economic governance Fulfilling their election promises they have now announced the building of a $13.5 million new seven … Continue reading

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