An exercise in wasting precious health resources

In case anyone wondered where those millions being spent on the ACT Government Nurse-led Walk-in Clinics are going.
Source: ACT Health
They are being used to treat colds.
Yes you read right – 1/3 of all patient seen are there with the common cold. A condition that typically should not even be seen by a Healthcare Professional and certainly not by an ACT Funded Nurse at $200 a pop to the taxpayer.
But it is not all doom & gloom – at least a few thousand people can hear better now that their ears have been syringed out.
Also interesting to note that these clinics each saw about 16,000 patients per year.
They are open 365 days a week from 07:30AM – 10PM.
This means they average about 3 patients per hour per clinic.
And I would hazard a guess that there would typically be at least two Nurses on duty.
Compare that to the average GP who would see about 4 patients an hour for a much wider range of conditions.
It surely is not rocket science to understand that this is a poor investment of limited resources. Yet more will be spent in a culture where our tax dollars are instead on perceived wants rather than properly researched needs
It remains absolutely mind-boggling that the Public, and the Media, is accepting the mercenary vote buying spending spree that ACT Health is on with no questions asked.
Clearly spending $200 of ACT tax money to treat a cold is not a good or wise use of resources. There are a large number of bulkbilling GP clinics all over the ACT if a patient is really that concerned about their cold where a GP can assess them for the grand sum of $37 to the Federal taxpayer.
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