pills and clots, Hills and plots…

Some sensible advice during the silly season

that lady doctor

After his daughter developed a blood clot while taking the medication Diane-35, Federal MP Julian Hill last week outlined his plan to ban the drug in Australia. He is concerned that GPs are mindlessly prescribing this dangerous drug because they like the way the name sounds. Let’s review.

Diane-35 is a contraceptive pill specifically formulated to target skin. It’s prescribed for women with severe acne and body hair, with the added benefit of contraception and control of heavy periods, should the woman require either. Mr Hill revealed that the risk of blood clots, or deep vein thrombosis (DVT) on Diane-35 is double the risk of more commonly prescribed Pills.


If you monitored ten thousand women not taking any Pill for a year, between 1 and 5 of them would get a DVT. 

A woman on a commonly prescribed, ‘safer’ Pill, say Levlen, has a risk of 5 to 7 in ten…

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