This is how your data in the My Health Record will be used

An interesting and somewhat unsettling post about the secondary use of the MHR data.

The data being collected is extensive – unless I active choose to untick a box every script and investigation that I order on my software is now being sent the the My Health Record as a default setting. Interestingly enough this seems to be the case for all patients – even if they do not have a My Health Record profile

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Secondary use of My Health Record

On Friday the Federal Government quietly released its long-awaited framework for secondary use of information contained within the My Health Record. It will generate discussion as it is controversial.

The release of the framework to guide the secondary use of My Health Record (MyHR) system data comes just months before the participation rules for the Australian national health record change from opt-in to opt-out.

Consent for secondary use is implied if consumers don’t opt out of the MyHR. In other words, people need to take action if they don’t want their health data to be used for purposes other than direct clinical care.

To stop information flowing to third parties, consumers will have to press the ‘withdraw participation button’.

Another hot topic is the use of the data by commercial organisations which, interestingly, is permitted under the framework, provided it is ‘in the public interest’.

And, as expected, one of the…

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