It’s not just the My Health Record we should be concerned about

Dr Kruys highlights another big data grab by the Department of health and this time patients will be blissfully unaware. The only people taking note of these changes are the Practice Owners who will be facing a big financial setback if they decline to contribute to the new data extraction scheme.
And when you have bills to pay, wages to look after and mouths to feed ethics sometimes get a bit blurry and you fold under the relentless pressure to share ALL of your data – not just those of patients who have opted in or out of the MHR.

Ostensibly it is de-identified data sent the local PHN – which is supposedly not part of the Governmental structures. Yeah right. Watch this space

Doctor's Bag

The My Health Record

It’s often been said, the Australian My Health Record is not a finished project. It is evolving and has, indeed, lots of potential to improve and streamline patient care. Sadly, the privacy issues that have haunted the project for years still seem to be unresolved. And when it comes to secondary use of patient data, there’s more to come from a different direction.

Back in 2013 I wrote this in a blog post about the My Health Record, then called the Personally Controlled Electronic Health Record or PCEHR:

“The PCEHR Act 2012 states that the data in the PCEHR can be used for law enforcement purposes, indemnity insurance purposes for health care providers, research, public health purposes and ‘other purposes authorised by law’. This is far from reassuring. There are many grey areas and unanswered questions. There are too many agendas. The PCEHR should first be a useful clinical tool…

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