Little Sick, Big Sick

So true. Nurses and Pharmacists have their own unique skills which are very different to that of a GP. They do NOT have the same skill set as a GP and attempt to use them instead of GPs are mostly purely driven by ideology and hugely less effective and massively more expensive than using a Specialist GP.


GPs, Pharmacists, and Nurse Practitioners have roles in primary care – but it’s not either or. It’s both. They shouldn’t be competing against each other. They are not the same.

Professor Claire Jackson has her views and expresses them eloquently below. My views are:

GPs provide excellent care and deliver fantastic value to their patients and to Australia.

Other health practitioners also have the potential to provide excellent care to people at a different level and in different ways. They may very well provide care to many many people that GPs don’t already see. They’re not GPs.

If you want to be a doctor and further go on to specialise in General Practice, becoming the Specialist Urban or Rural Generalist, there is a pathway for this. It’s Medical School, Internship, and Fellowship Training.

Let’s look at some communities and people that aren’t well looked after under the current system like…

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