Are Medically Prescribed Opioids Killing Australians?

A good read. This problem has been with us in Australia for many years. I have been rallying for many years against the way in which opioids, specifically the Hilbilly Heroin aka Endone, had been handed out at our local hopitals. I recall a meeting with a hospital team a decade ago about this when the hospital ED’s Director scoffed at me and told me my thoughts on this was behind the times and no person should ever leave an emergency department with ANY pain so Endone for all it was.
And the wheel turned confirming that GPs were right in their concerns about this

Rural General Practice

Are medically prescribed Opioids killing Australians?
In 1996 Oxycontin a drug more powerful than Heroin hit the medical marketplace. It was touted as the cure for any pain, without addiction and without risk. Drug Companies have made many millions from this drug, at the cost of many deaths.
In 2018 we face an evolving crisis following America down a slippery slope, that will cost us our relatives, parents, sons, and daughters if we don’t change.
But change doesn’t start at the end of a Doctors Pen – it starts with understanding pain, understanding its necessity and better ways to treat it. It starts with opening your mind to alternatives such as physical activity, physical therapies, diet, stress management and lifestyle changes.
Almost daily people come to Emerald Medical Group in pain, having been prescribed oxycontin, and been…

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