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Superpowers and The new Advance Care Directives Act 2013 (SA)

Originally posted on partridgegp:
? Just revisiting an old post after listening to a great podcast – ‘The Good GP‘. It got me thinking. We know that General Practice is a good thing and reduces hospitalization rates (and hence healthcare…

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Vitamins: mostly harmless, mostly profitable

Originally posted on drjustincoleman:
Vitamin D is mostly harmless. Sure, it can cause toxicity (mainly hypercalcaemia), but usually at megadose levels of around 60 capsules per day. Vitamin C is also mostly harmless. My parents, advised by the medical zeitgeist…

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Has Australian general practice moved one step closer to the British NHS?

Originally posted on Doctor's Bag:
In 2019, the Department of Health, via its practice incentive scheme, will not only start setting the key performance indicators of general practice but also further tighten its grip on practice data. It is…

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Dealing with a query about access to the My Health Record System

A week ago I wrote a blogpost about the rights and responsibilities of GPs who decide to use the MHR system. In the blog I alluded to the challenge of getting straight answers from the various leading figures and/or entities. … Continue reading

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