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The Good Life aka being a Rich, Greedy GP in Canberra

I find myself pondering on how the Media and the Public perceive Canberra’s GP workforce. As Scientists medical practitioners are taught to deal with facts and not with anecdotes so let’s review the facts: Who is the typical Canberran? According to … Continue reading

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An open letter to the ACT Minister for Health

Dear Minister Fitzharris Over the recent past I have been sending you letters and you have not answered them. I sent those letters as an ACT Taxpayer, a small businessowner and as a General Practioner. One would have assumed that … Continue reading

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An exercise in wasting precious health resources

In case anyone wondered where those millions being spent on the ACT Government Nurse-led Walk-in Clinics are going. Source: ACT Health They are being used to treat colds. Yes you read right – 1/3 of all patient seen are there … Continue reading

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The GP Clinic owned and funded by the ACT Health Department

Sounds bizarre doesn’t it ? But let’s think about it. Currently we have two Nurse-Led walk in clinics that ACT Government funds with plans for another 11 million Dollars clinic in the near future and another two down the track. … Continue reading

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