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To pee or not to pee. The prostate question

The headline screams out “Kochie gets tested for prostate cancer ” and viewers are told that blokes are “boofheads” who should all get the bloodtest and the finger up the bum. It makes sense doesn’t it ? After all prostate … Continue reading

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New study shows high parental confidence in GPs, but researchers draw bizarre conclusions

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A new national study published in the Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health shows that around ninety percent of parents are mostly or completely confident in GPs to provide general care to their children.…

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Lemons and Lemonade

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We live in an age of wonders. Generations past would be amazed by the ease of travel, free information, and the standard of living enjoyed by the majority of the Western world. One of these wonders…

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A victory for common sense (and patient care)

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Yesterday Sonic Healthcare pulled out of their deal with Sigma’s AMCAL pharmacy chain to sell blood tests to pharmacy customers. I believe it was a wise decision to withdraw from this so-called ‘screening program’. Just…

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Time for real-time prescription monitoring

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It’s a sobering fact: more people die from drug overdose than road traffic crashes. Perhaps even more concerning is that most of these overdose deaths in Australia are not caused by illicit drugs, but by…

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Blood tests at the chemist is like getting your car serviced at the lawn mower shop

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Chemist shops are the right place to get your medicines and receive medication advice, but they are the wrong place to get a blood test. The AMCAL chemist chain is offering customers pathology tests…

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Tamiflu: an expensive lesson in panic stockpiling

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Oseltamivir (Tamiflu, Roche) has been downgraded by the World Health Organization (WHO) in the biennial review of its list of essential medicines. A WHO expert committee removed Tamiflu from its list of “core” medicines, relegating it…

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Slow Medicine

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I recently began working in a new Mackay medical practice started by Dr Nicole Higgins called Health on Central.  And when I say new I mean new. Last time I visited the building it was to…

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Is this votebuying or healthcare ?

The ACT Government seems hellbent on using primary healthcare as a vehicle to appease voters. With no regards for evidence or good economic governance Fulfilling their election promises they have now announced the building of a $13.5 million new seven … Continue reading

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The Flu season is upon us

This year’s Flu season is here and thousands of people have already had it – if you can believe the media-hype (that conveniently had no reference for the dreadful statistic but very well may be true). An then there is this: … Continue reading

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