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Tamiflu: an expensive lesson in panic stockpiling

Originally posted on drjustincoleman:
Oseltamivir (Tamiflu, Roche) has been downgraded by the World Health Organization (WHO) in the biennial review of its list of essential medicines. A WHO expert committee removed Tamiflu from its list of “core” medicines, relegating it…

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Slow Medicine

Originally posted on rain0021:
I recently began working in a new Mackay medical practice started by Dr Nicole Higgins called Health on Central.  And when I say new I mean new. Last time I visited the building it was to…

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Is this votebuying or healthcare ?

The ACT Government seems hellbent on using primary healthcare as a vehicle to appease voters. With no regards for evidence or good economic governance Fulfilling their election promises they have now announced the building of a $13.5 million new seven … Continue reading

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The Flu season is upon us

This year’s Flu season is here and thousands of people have already had it – if you can believe the media-hype (that conveniently had no reference for the dreadful statistic but very well may be true). An then there is this: … Continue reading

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The wall of shame

Over the last decade I have submitted an endless stream of complaints about my patients’ care to our local public health system. Each time the response was similar – the junior doctors involved would sometimes be counselled on their management … Continue reading

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E-health: The Saviour of the frail and the elderly – or not?

As both a dedicated Family Physician (aka General Practitioner) and a self-taught computer Nerd I would love to believe that the future would have us use technology to improve the care of our patients and especially those who are disabled, … Continue reading

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Smoke and mirrors – an ACT Health Department artform I will eat my hat if even a dozen GPs in all of the ACT ever look at this site Health bureaucrats, Dermatologists running the AMA branch or part-time GPs working for ACTML really have no clue what … Continue reading

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FOAM4GP Map – To Statin or not to Statin? – That is the question.

Originally posted on FOAM4GP:
Statin Confusion! I am questioning my statin prescribing and need to be able to justify what I am doing with my patients (which I should have been able to anyway but Catalyst has brought this…

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PSA debate heats up this week!

Originally posted on FOAM4GP:
If you were confused about PSA testing prior to this month, prepare to be even more confused! The battle lines have been drawn! NHMRC are preparing an evidence based guideline and its open for public…

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