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Our Health Funding – being gamed or are they just incompetent?

Health funding in an acute care setting, especially in a Primary Care setting is always an challenging situation. Bringing small business owners, entrepreneurs, corporates and non-medical stakeholders interests together and then expecting Public Servants to make sense out of all … Continue reading

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The best made plans of mice and men

Sometimes I cannot help but wonder whether Robert Burns, when he wrote his poem “to a mouse” in 1785, was perhaps thinking of a future government in a country far to the south of his native Scotland The Australian Government … Continue reading

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And now TAMS has decided to have a go at us

Dealing with TAMS Continue reading

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The wall of shame

Over the last decade I have submitted an endless stream of complaints about my patients’ care to our local public health system. Each time the response was similar – the junior doctors involved would sometimes be counselled on their management … Continue reading

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E-health: The Saviour of the frail and the elderly – or not?

As both a dedicated Family Physician (aka General Practitioner) and a self-taught computer Nerd I would love to believe that the future would have us use technology to improve the care of our patients and especially those who are disabled, … Continue reading

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Dealing with Bureacrats and Academics

Ours is a “Mom & Pop” clinic. Husband and wife team, more patients than we could deal with, more debt that we could pay off and we have never taken a break longer than the Christmas to New Year week. … Continue reading

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