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Cheap Healthcare or Great Healthcare – your choice

Yesterday an opinion piece in our local Newspaper stated in big bold letters “Why do ACT women still need to see a GP to get the pill? “ The article was the latest volley in the relentless war that the … Continue reading

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An open letter to the ACT Minister for Health

Dear Minister Fitzharris Over the recent past I have been sending you letters and you have not answered them. I sent those letters as an ACT Taxpayer, a small businessowner and as a General Practioner. One would have assumed that … Continue reading

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An exercise in wasting precious health resources

In case anyone wondered where those millions being spent on the ACT Government Nurse-led Walk-in Clinics are going. Source: ACT Health They are being used to treat colds. Yes you read right – 1/3 of all patient seen are there … Continue reading

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Is being a diligent GP worth it?

I have been a General Practitioner in Canberra for thirteen years. During this time I have developed a reputation for being a tenacious and persistent advocate for the appropriate and respectful management of my patients by other health services and … Continue reading

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Saving time for Doctors & Patients

The headline seemed so promising “The federal government is proposing to automate the prescription approval process to help save time for doctors and patients” Finally – they are understanding our worries and stress. Or so it would seem Currently the … Continue reading

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