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Opt out or opt in – but whatever you do make a decision!

After months of anticipation the big day finally arrived – as of 16 July 2018 Australians can choose to opt-out from having a My Health Record We can spend time on the fiasco that the opt-out roll-out has turned out … Continue reading

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So how safe is my data ?

Yet another scare campaign – or legitimate concerns?One has to wonder if these Health Department spokespeople have actually looked at their own product? If your IT System is configured correctly all you need is their name, dob and Medicare number and … Continue reading

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The myth of online privacy

Anyone who use the internet is aware that the likes of Google and Facebook has a sneak and a peak at our habits and web-surfing so we know we should be careful in what we post and where we go. … Continue reading

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My Health Records – an update

Our lives, professionally and privately are shaped and manipulated by powers and people who are very good at what they do. The implementation of the My Health Record (previously known as the PCEHR) is one such example. Sixteen years ago … Continue reading

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E-health: The Saviour of the frail and the elderly – or not?

As both a dedicated Family Physician (aka General Practitioner) and a self-taught computer Nerd I would love to believe that the future would have us use technology to improve the care of our patients and especially those who are disabled, … Continue reading

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The government cannot simply opt-out of opt-in

Even the IT industry is unhappy about the way the changes are proposed

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It Looks Like The South Australian Implementation of EPAS Is Going Pretty Badly.

Implementation of an EHR at the Adelaide Repat Hospital has resulted in then number of outpatient appointments being reduced by 50% ! I thought this stuff was supposed to make us more efficient not LESS !

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So how much does the PCEHR cost ?

A recent Medical IT blog post highlights the difficulty of identifying where the staggering $ 972 million went that was invested into the development and rolling out of the PCEHR

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PCEHR update

A concise recent review of the current situation was recently published – worth a read as it highlights the issues very nicely Note that no document sent to our desktop EHR (Medical Director) from The Canberra Hospital can be viewed. … Continue reading

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Today I had a couple of patients asking me about the PCEHR. I advised them that our practice is ready and able to play this game but there were so many unresolved issues that we would not actively promote this … Continue reading

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