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How to get doctors to use eHealth

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Image: Although doctors are in the top three of most trusted professions, they also have a conservative image.There is the perception that doctors are resistant to change, such as the introduction of eHealth…

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My response to an invitation in today’s mail to attend a dinner with the Health Minister and friends

Dear Mr Seselja & Mr Hanson Thank your for the kind invite I received in the mail to attend a dinner, at $ 495 pp, with the Minister of Health to discuss the recent announcements and changes As a longstanding … Continue reading

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Forcing MyHR (aka the PCEHR) down our throats

It is well known that our Practice is ready and able to use the PCEHR but that we are unwilling to proceed with this given numerous concerns with the current system. Yesterday the Health Minister announced a set of changes … Continue reading

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Co-payments, and why they’re not always appropriate

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A one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work in my job. There are always plenty of valid reasons why a particular approach¬†or treatment works for one person but not for another. One-size-fits-all¬†healthcare is bad medicine. Bulk billing…

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The Budget revealed

So we finally, sort-off, know what this budget means for us. Lets first look at what the current status quo is: I will use some of the common item numbers as an example: Non-vocationally registered GP rebates have not increased … Continue reading

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The Co-payment debate – the GP aspect

  All of the media statements are somewhat vague on exactly how this whole co-payment scheme is supposed to work – I suppose because the actual sources are purposefully vague. Like many GPs we bulkbill a sizeable proportion of our … Continue reading

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Smoke and mirrors – an ACT Health Department artform I will eat my hat if even a dozen GPs in all of the ACT ever look at this site Health bureaucrats, Dermatologists running the AMA branch or part-time GPs working for ACTML really have no clue what … Continue reading

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