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Chiro Spinal activator

This would be so funny if this was not such a serious abuse of patients’ gullibility. Obviously Chiropractors must be taught some serious marketing skills if they can convince patients that this type of crap actually does anything

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Breaking: Anti-vaccination liars lying about Dr Paul Offit. Also, night follows day.

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Anti-vaccination liar Meryl Dorey and her special band of harpies at the Australian Vaccination Network can’t help themselves. Like maggots on carrion, or white people on a Christmas turkey, they caw over the carcass of any…

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Chiropractors’ Association and Spinal Research Foundation promoted anti-vaccine movie

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There is something I have been putting off for quite some time. Then a friend made this something possible by providing me with a link so I could watch the 100 minute chiropractic advertisement, Doctored the…

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FOAM4GP Map – To Statin or not to Statin? – That is the question.

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Statin Confusion! I am questioning my statin prescribing and need to be able to justify what I am doing with my patients (which I should have been able to anyway but Catalyst has brought this…

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Your e-health record – a good idea? (Video)

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