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Let’s not fool ourselves about the PIP QI

Originally posted on Doctor's Bag:
It looks like patient care and quality improvement have taken a backseat in the new Practice Incentive Program (PIP QI). To be eligible to receive payments under the revamped quality improvement program, practice owners need to…

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The House Call

Originally posted on Genevieve's anthology:
This is a true story but some details have been removed or altered to de-identify the people involved and protect their privacy. The call came as I was sitting down to dinner.  My tuna…

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How to control the settings for secondary use of your My Health Record data

Originally posted on Doctor's Bag:
Now that over ninety per cent of Australians has a My Health Record, we need to start using it. That also means becoming familiar with the dashboard and settings. Most people are not aware…

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Why this doctor no longer attends to patients in Residential Aged Care Facilities

A few months ago an elderly patient, whom I have been looking after for many years, attended my clinic. Things were changing and it was clear that she would soon need to leave her home and move to a Nursing … Continue reading

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Is old age a battle or a massacre?

Originally posted on Medicine at the Deep End:
“Old age isn’t a battle, old age is a massacre!” Philip Roth Philip Roth’s words are confronting. To continue the metaphor, avoiding the battle is of interest to many and has led…

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So what does the Productivity Commisioner Report say ?

We woke this morning to the headlines screaming out: “Aussies making ‘avoidable’ hospital visits due to poor GP access”   It makes for seemingly depressing reading in regards to how poorly GPs are looking after their patients: GPs are hard … Continue reading

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The winds of change

My wife and I ran our own small GP Clinic in Canberra from 2006-20018. It was a small clinic that we built up with love and very long hours and with a full contingent of 4 or 5 fulltime doctors … Continue reading

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When ideology and election cycles determine health policy – and patientcare deteriorates.

Meet Jimmy. A nice young man living in Canberra with a good, above average, income. And he has a wealthy father who cares deeply about him. Jimmy has the common cold and feels a bit off. He really cannot go … Continue reading

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Doctors from overseas

Originally posted on Doctor's Bag:
“G’day doc, I’m right off me tucker and crook azadog. Yesterday arvo me neighbour said it’s just the collywobbles but crikey, he’s mad as a cut snake so I thought I’d better find out…

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My Health Record: what’s next?

Originally posted on Doctor's Bag:
The end of the My Health Record opt-out period is in sight. Unless the government decides otherwise, next month the vast majority of Australians will have a digital national shared health record. What’s next?…

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