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Cheap Healthcare or Great Healthcare – your choice

Yesterday an opinion piece in our local Newspaper stated in big bold letters “Why do ACT women still need to see a GP to get the pill? “ The article was the latest volley in the relentless war that the … Continue reading

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Is this progress ?

It is 1979 Tom is a builder and walks into his his GP in Canberra’s office saying “Doc, my hip is buggered. What can you do for me” Dr Dick examines the offending joint and sends Tom off for some … Continue reading

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Let’s not fool ourselves about the PIP QI

Originally posted on Doctor's Bag:
It looks like patient care and quality improvement have taken a backseat in the new Practice Incentive Program (PIP QI). To be eligible to receive payments under the revamped quality improvement program, practice owners need to…

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The House Call

Originally posted on Genevieve's anthology:
This is a true story but some details have been removed or altered to de-identify the people involved and protect their privacy. The call came as I was sitting down to dinner.  My tuna…

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How to control the settings for secondary use of your My Health Record data

Originally posted on Doctor's Bag:
Now that over ninety per cent of Australians has a My Health Record, we need to start using it. That also means becoming familiar with the dashboard and settings. Most people are not aware…

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Why this doctor no longer attends to patients in Residential Aged Care Facilities

A few months ago an elderly patient, whom I have been looking after for many years, attended my clinic. Things were changing and it was clear that she would soon need to leave her home and move to a Nursing … Continue reading

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Is old age a battle or a massacre?

A very poignant post by Dr Sam

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So what does the Productivity Commisioner Report say ?

We woke this morning to the headlines screaming out: “Aussies making ‘avoidable’ hospital visits due to poor GP access”   It makes for seemingly depressing reading in regards to how poorly GPs are looking after their patients: GPs are hard … Continue reading

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The winds of change

My wife and I ran our own small GP Clinic in Canberra from 2006-20018. It was a small clinic that we built up with love and very long hours and with a full contingent of 4 or 5 fulltime doctors … Continue reading

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When ideology and election cycles determine health policy – and patientcare deteriorates.

Meet Jimmy. A nice young man living in Canberra with a good, above average, income. And he has a wealthy father who cares deeply about him. Jimmy has the common cold and feels a bit off. He really cannot go … Continue reading

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