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Has Australian general practice moved one step closer to the British NHS?

Originally posted on Doctor's bag:
In 2019, the Department of Health, via its practice incentive scheme, will not only start setting the key performance indicators of general practice but also further tighten its grip on practice data. It is…

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Dealing with a query about access to the My Health Record System

A week ago I wrote a blogpost about the rights and responsibilities of GPs who decide to use the MHR system. In the blog I alluded to the challenge of getting straight answers from the various leading figures and/or entities. … Continue reading

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So Doctor, do you know what your duties and responsibilities are when using the My Health Record System?

Much have been said in the media about the impact on privacy and security of personal health records for anyone who had signed up or, in the near future, are being automatically signed up for a My Health Record. My … Continue reading

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Is Consent a moral dilemma or a mere medicolegal formality ?

Doctors, and specifically GPs, have for many decades considered the concept of Informed Consent an integral and mandatory part of the interactions with their patients. ACT Health defines Informed consent as follows: In addition there were some very specific rules … Continue reading

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Smoke & mirrors.The Politics of Medicine

Canberrans woke up this morning to the sounds & sights¬† of the Media lamenting the fact that “Canberrans are the most likely to be slugged fees for Medicare services” A dramatic description followed describing how the latest AIHW report had … Continue reading

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Are Medically Prescribed Opioids Killing Australians?

Originally posted on Rural General Practice:
Are medically prescribed Opioids killing Australians? ¬† In 1996 Oxycontin a drug more powerful than Heroin hit the medical marketplace. It was touted as the cure for any pain, without addiction and without risk.…

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Little Sick, Big Sick

Originally posted on partridgegp:
GPs, Pharmacists, and Nurse Practitioners have roles in primary care – but it’s not either or. It’s both. They shouldn’t be competing against each other. They are not the same. Professor Claire Jackson has her views…

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It’s not just the My Health Record we should be concerned about

Originally posted on Doctor's bag:
It’s often been said, the Australian My Health Record is not a finished project. It is evolving and has, indeed, lots of potential to improve and streamline patient care. Sadly, the privacy issues that…

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MyHR…. opt out, opt in or just ignore?

Originally posted on rain0021:
In case you haven’t heard, you will have to decide whether you want to opt-out of the Government My Health Record (MyHR) before the 15 October 2018 or you will be have one created for you.…

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GPs want clinical handovers, not discharge summaries

Originally posted on partridgegp:
Partridge Street General Practice is all about professional, comprehensive, and empowering General Practice care by our GPs. When we refer our valued patients for treatment elsewhere we promote the same high standards, values, and communication¬† that…

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