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Your Medical Records Exposed… Confirmed!

Originally posted on David Dahm:
As I predicted in February 2016, your personal health record is being exposed, with or without your full knowledge. The Federal Government’s new $2bn national patient electronic health record system rollout is at full throttle. This…

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pills and clots, Hills and plots…

Originally posted on that lady doctor:
After his daughter developed a blood clot while taking the medication Diane-35, Federal MP Julian Hill last week outlined his plan to ban the drug in Australia. He is concerned that GPs are mindlessly prescribing…

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Secondary use of My Health Record data

Given the obvious concerns by Industry Stakeholders and the Public about nefarious use of the huge amount of data contained within the  MHR (My Heath Record) system the Australian Government has wisely engaged a Consultant group to develop a framework … Continue reading

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Don Quixote de la Canberra

The ongoing saga of trying to create public awareness of the massive waste of money represented by the ACT Government funded Nurse-led Walk in Clinics has finally, after literally years of campaigning, led to an article in our local Canberra … Continue reading

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48-second GP consultations

Originally posted on drjustincoleman:
A recent BMJ study highlighted the remarkable degree of international variation in how much time GPs spend with their patients. In Pakistan, a patient with a laceration would barely have time to explain how it occurred,…

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Less is more

Originally posted on Doctor's bag:
I was asked to address the Committee for Economic Development of Australia (CEDA)?about how to place health consumers at the centre of future healthcare reform and the delivery of health services. ‘Less is more’…

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The true cost of the ACT Taxpayer funded Nurse-Led Walk-In Clinics

I have been rallying for several years about the incredibly wasteful political exercise that the ACT Health Department has been running in the form an increasing number of fully tax-payer funded Nurse-led Walk-In Clinics. This resulted in an open letter … Continue reading

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Where did our health data go?

Originally posted on Doctor's bag:
Data is like garbage, you’d better know what you are going to do with it before you collect it ~ Mark Twain It took a while, but the Department of Health is now inviting…

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About addictive painkillers and dirty backdoor deals

Originally posted on Doctor's bag:
It is concerning that those who have been given responsibility to look after the health of Australians take decisions influenced by?commercial interests instead of sound evidence and common sense. As I have said before…

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Health of the Nation: good and bad news according to Australia’s GPs 

Originally posted on Doctor's bag:
Australia’s GPs believe that mental health is the number one emerging health concern, often related to co-existing chronic health conditions – but more is needed to keep Australians well. This is one of the…

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