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Health of the Nation: good and bad news according to Australia’s GPs 

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Australia’s GPs believe that mental health is the number one emerging health concern, often related to co-existing chronic health conditions – but more is needed to keep Australians well. This is one of the…

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Bizarre research article about parental confidence in GPs gets a mention in ABC’s Media Watch

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In an?earlier post I mentioned the?bizarre article published by a paediatrician from the University of Melbourne. The article concluded incorrectly that “confidence with GPs is an issue for parents of many walks of life”.…

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Why your GP doesn’t have a Facebook sharing attitude

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The success of Facebook is based on sharing content with friends and family. I’m a fan of social media but in healthcare sharing of information is often a no-go zone. Doctors don’t like sharing…

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New study shows high parental confidence in GPs, but researchers draw bizarre conclusions

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A new national study published in the Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health shows that around ninety percent of parents are mostly or completely confident in GPs to provide general care to their children.…

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The Good Life aka being a Rich, Greedy GP in Canberra

I find myself pondering on how the Media and the Public perceive Canberra’s GP workforce. As Scientists medical practitioners are taught to deal with facts and not with anecdotes so let’s review the facts: Who is the typical Canberran? According to … Continue reading

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