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When bulkbilling is NOT bulkbilling

It is an amazing sight to see the ongoing  Free advertising that the Canberra Times provide to a Specific GP group within Canberra. This has been consistent every single time that the National Health Cooperative has a new venture. Meanwhile … Continue reading

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Thawing the Medicare freeze – one tiny icecube at a time

May is budget month and as usual health and specifically Medicare featured very strongly. In particular much was made  of the treasurer undertaking to roll back the freezing of Medicare rebates that has been stuck at the same level for … Continue reading

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The Sick System -Survival or Greed ?

A recent excellent article in The Australian (See text below) highlighted the longstanding issues in our health system that are gnawing away at it like termites and will lead to the system imploding if we do not act. The article identifies … Continue reading

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A future without doctors – ACT Health’s vision for the Territory 

A recent piece in the Canberra Times highlighted the path that the ACT  Government is setting out for medical practice in the Territory. We all accept that the provision of healthcare is expensive. What I, as a provider of Primary Healtcare, cannot … Continue reading

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Medicare – a brief explanation for our patients

This is how Medicare works when you go to your GP

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So what is Bulk billing ?

Much have been written in the last few weeks about Medicare Rebates and being bulkbilled. There are two separate issues that needs clarification here. The first issue is the value of the rebate – the following graph clearly demonstrates the … Continue reading

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