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My Health Records – an update

Our lives, professionally and privately are shaped and manipulated by powers and people who are very good at what they do. The implementation of the My Health Record (previously known as the PCEHR) is one such example. Sixteen years ago … Continue reading

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Weight-loss surgery: really the most radical treatment in a century?

Originally posted on drjustincoleman:
I spend a lot of time highlighting the commercial forces that promote expensive medical interventions. So yesterday, when I read a lead author describe his new guidelines as “the most radical change in the treatment of type…

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GPs beware: political spin ahead

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Why doctors will stop bulk billing

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Patriotism is supporting your country all the time, and your government when it deserves it ~ Mark Twain. Although federal health bureaucrats seem to think bulk billing rates will increase, about?30% of?GPs say they…

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The Medicare freeze

Much has been said about this issue: This video will be playing in my waitingroom. Sadly patients will end up paying more – and if they are unwilling to do this we may end up closing our doors as surviving … Continue reading

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A What rush?

Originally posted on Mark Raines:
<<Rant Alert>> Thanks TGA It would seem the TGA would now like Australian doctors speak more like our cousins across the Pacific Ocean in America, that is. There is a updated list of the politically…

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